Georgia Federation of Democratic Women
Announcement of Nominations to the Executive Board

The nominating committee of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Committee
(GFDW) is seeking to create a slate for the following positions on the executive
board: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third-Vice
President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and two
District Directors from each congressional district.


The slate will be presented at the annual spring meeting in April 2019 and a vote of
the members will be taken at that time. The term of office shall be for two years
starting in April 2019. No officer shall be elected to serve more than two
consecutive terms in the same office. Interested individuals shall have two or more
years of dedicated service and currently active in a local chapter, but it should be a
woman that has the testament to Democratic values.

The purpose of the GFDW is as follows:

1. To strengthen all facets of the Democratic Party and women’s participation in it.
2. To promote the election of Democrats in all levels of government
3. To promote and encourage qualified women to seek political office and to serve
on government boards and agencies.
4. To raise the visibility, public awareness and prestige of the Democratic Party in
the state of Georgia.
5. To facilitate support for various educational and social programs that are of
concern to women in the state of Georgia.
6. To ensure fraud-free elections and to promote campaigns using fair and just
tactics that are based on facts rather than half-truths and character assassinations.

If you encompass these values or know someone who does, please submit a short
bio and statement of why you are interested in the position by February 1, 2019, to


Duties of Officers:

President: The president shall preside and make a report at all general meetings of
the GFDW and at meetings of the board of directors. She shall appoint all standing
and other committees (with exception of the nominating committee) pending
ratification of the board. The president shall serve as a voting, ex-officio member of
all such committees except the nominating committee. The president shall be
responsible for coordinating and assuring that arrangements and programs for all
meetings are properly carried out. She shall perform such other duties as are usual
and incidental to her office, and such as are duly requested of her to the GFDW or
its board of directors or executive committee.

1st Vice President: The first vice president shall serve in the absence of the
president. In case of vacancy in the office of president, the first vice president shall
succeed her for the remainder of the unexpired term. If the office of first vice
president is also vacant, the second vice president will succeed the first vice
president for the remainder of the unexpired term. 

This vice president shall be the director of promotion and public relations. She shall
work with the press and TV media in publicizing the activities of the GFDW
throughout the state.

2nd Vice President shall be the director of budget and finance. She shall work with
the treasurer and shall submit a tentative budget to the board of directors for
approval and shall be responsible for the financial review every two years or at the
end of the treasurer’s term of office. As finance chair, she will develop with her
committee at least one fund-raising activity annually for the GFDW.

 3rd Vice president shall be the director of membership. She shall work Directly
with district directors in the GFDW and shall assist with chapter activities and
organizational work to be done in the respective districts in the state. She shall be
responsible for at-large membership, working in concert with the treasurer to send
voluntary dues notices.

Corresponding Secretary: It shall be the duty of the corresponding secretary to
conduct such correspondence of the GFDW as may be directed by the president
and the board of directors.

Recording Secretary: The recording secretary shall keep a correct record of all
meetings of the GFDW and shall keep on file a copy of the current bylaws. She shall
see that the minutes are signed by the president and that the board members
receive copies within 45 days of the meeting.

Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive and hold all the money of
the GFDW and to deposit the same in a bank approved by the board of directors.
The treasurer shall only write checks for expenditures in compliance with the
procedures recommended by the finance committee and approved by the board.

District Directors: Two district directors from each congressional district to serve
as co-directors. District directors shall be responsible for the formation and
promotion of new chapters within the counties of their districts and for assisting
Democratic chapters, county Democratic chairpersons, and party Congressional
district chairpersons in promoting the purposes of the GFDW and the state and
national Democratic parties.


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