The Democratic Party and women share common values and priorities, including supporting our families, protecting our country, and advancing the issues that matter most to women. The Georgia Federation of Democratic Women (GFDW) engages women in our democracy through a wide array of political activities, including providing its members with substantive information, discussion, and action items, along with opportunities to hear from and interact with party leaders. We strive to raise the political awareness of women in Georgia.

As members of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women, we believe in the value of the individual and that our government, while protecting life, liberty, and the property of individuals, must also be responsive to our collective needs and wills. To this end,  we encourage full, timely, and equal opportunity for all and promote the election of candidates for local, state, and national office who will serve with competence, common sense, and compassion.  To live up to these values, we plan and organize meetings and programs both on the state level and in our local chapters around the state.

However, the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women is not just a political organization. We are a community organization addressing the everyday needs of people around the state.  GFDW provides opportunities for our volunteers and members to embrace and act on our public service ideals by working to improve our country beyond the ballot; beginning in local communities through our service projects around the state.

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